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Pain isn't Normal

"Muscle is an orphan organ. No medical specialty claims it. As a consequence, no medical specialty is concerned with promoting funded research into the muscular causes of pain, and medical students and physical therapists rarely receive adequate primary training in how to recognize and treat myofascial trigger points."

Dr. David G. Simons, MD, pioneer, researcher and leading expert in the field of pain management.

There are millions of people that suffer from muscle and soft tissue pain,. 

While the standard care of treatment (rest, drugs, rehab and surgery), may be the answer for many, those with myofascial pain and trigger points are only being partially treated. This leads to depression, loss of function, a change in lifestyle and hope begins to fade.

The bottom line is there are very few practitioners specifically trained in treating trigger points and with thorough understanding of trigger point therapy.

When trigger points are treated properly, most people experience an increase in function and diminished pain or elimination of their pain. As their muscle function normalizes, their quality of life improves.

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